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dc.contributor.authorFerreira, D-
dc.contributor.authorSousa, J-
dc.contributor.authorFelicíssimo, P-
dc.contributor.authorFrança, A-
dc.identifier.citationRev Port Cardiol. 2017 Nov;36(11):823-830.pt_PT
dc.description.abstractINTRODUCTION: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a relatively common complication during hospital stay and determination of VTE risk is critical to choosing the best prophylactic strategy for each patient. OBJECTIVES: In the present study we studied the risk profile for VTE in hospitalized patients in a group of hospitals in Portugal. METHODS: Based on an open cohort of 4248 patients hospitalized in surgical, internal medicine, orthopedic or oncology departments, we determined thromboembolic risk at admission by applying a new score, modified from the Caprini and Khorana scores. Thrombotic, embolic and bleeding events and death were assessed during hospital stay and at three and six months after discharge. RESULTS: The median duration of hospital stay was five days and thromboembolic prophylaxis was implemented in 67.2% (n=2747) of the patients. A low molecular weight heparin was used as prophylaxis in the majority of cases (88.3%). Most patients were classified as high (68%) or intermediate risk (27%). The overall incidence of thromboembolic events was 1.5%. Major bleeding events were recorded in 3.89% of patients and all-cause mortality was 3.4%. CONCLUSIONS: In this study, we propose a modified VTE risk score that effectively risk-stratifies a mixed inpatient population during hospital stay. The use of this score may result in improvement of thromboprophylaxis practices in hospitals.pt_PT
dc.publisherSociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologiapt_PT
dc.subjectTromboembolia venosapt_PT
dc.subjectVenous thromboembolismpt_PT
dc.subjectAvaliação do riscopt_PT
dc.subjectRisk assessmentpt_PT
dc.titleVenous thromboembolism risk and prophylaxis in the Portuguese hospital care setting: The ARTE study.pt_PT
dc.title.alternativeRisco de tromboembolismo venoso e tromboprofilaxia nos hospitais portugueses – Estudo ARTEpt_PT
degois.publication.titleRevista Portuguesa de Cardiologíapt_PT
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